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Ultra Modern Home Appliances

Welcome to Fridja! Our flagship products include premium clothes steamers and versatile juicers, with more innovations on the horizon.

  • f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer

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  • f1000 Clothes Steamer

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  • f1200 Clothes Steamer Pro

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  • f1900 Whole Fruit Juicer

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  • f2500 Self Feeding Whole Fruit Juicer

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  • f900 Automatic Citrus Juicer

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Cold Press Juicers

Fridja’s award-winning masticating juicers, automatic citrus juicers, and all-new self-feeding whole fruit juicers.

f1900 Fridja Whole Fruit Juicer 1

Whole Fruit Juicers

Discover the top-selling f1900 whole fruit juicer, featuring an expansive tilting feeding chute and advanced cold press technology. Minimise prep time and maximise your enjoyment of fresh juices! Simply insert whole fruits or vegetables to effortlessly create cold-pressed juices, delicious sorbets, and even homemade fruit ice cream!

f2500 Fridja Whole Fruit Self Feeding Juicer 1

Self Feeding Whole Fruit Juicers

Introducing Fridja’s 2024 masterpiece, the f2500 masticating self-feeding juicer: the epitome of modern juicing efficiency. Simply add in whole fruits, secure the lid, and twist the dial. Forget about the hassle of chopping or feeding in ingredients. Its clever design makes juicing and cleaning straightforward and hassle-free.

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Automatic Citrus Juicers, Whole Fruit Slow Juicers or our Brand New Self Feeding Whole Juicers

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Clothes Steamers

Fast, innovative and fun. Fridja Clothes Steamers make light work of creases and bring out the best in fabrics.


Handheld Clothes Steamers

Fridja introduces high-performance handheld clothes steamers, designed to effortlessly remove wrinkles and rejuvenate fabrics. The f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer model matches the power of traditional, full-sized steamers in a compact form, available in both black and white. Discover why prestigious publications like Vogue and Elle, among others, highly recommend them.


Clothes Steamer Pro

Discover the cutting-edge of clothing technology with the 2024 f1200 Clothes Steamers Pro, the ultimate in fabric care. Built with exceptional quality for unparalleled performance. Smooth out wrinkles and revitalise your clothes with ease. Enjoy the simplicity of getting perfect, sharp-looking outfits with the f1200 Clothes Steamer Pro.

f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer 1

High Pressure Steamers

A powerful and revolutionary high-pressure clothes steamer utilising 5 Bars of pressure. A press of the button on the handle triggers a thick and powerful jet of high-pressure steam, ideal for removing creases and refreshing all materials.

Steaming Your Wedding Dress

Vertical Clothes Steamers

The Fridja f1000 is an icon that has been reiterated throughout the years. A vertical clothes steamer with a 1500W heater, producing thick steam from cold water in 35 seconds. The 2.2 litre water tank lasts for around 65 minutes. The f1000 is ideal for delicate clothing and dry clean only clothes.

Handheld Clothes Steamer

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Handheld Clothes Steamers, Vertical Clothes Steamers, Clothes Steamer Pro and High Pressure Clothes Steamers


Since 2010, Fridja has designed, innovated and launched home appliances. Find out more about us.

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Dragons’ Den

Did you see us? Yes Fridja were on Dragons’ Den! Popping up in the lift, giving the pitch and listening to what the Dragons’ had to say. It was a thrilling ride that changed the company forever! Check our some photos and watch the video now.

How To Use A Clothes Steamer

How To Use A Clothes Steamer

Fridja have provided clothes steamers to shops, fashion events and homes across Europe since 2010, and we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks when it comes to knowing how to steam clothes. Find out more in our short video now.

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