Juice. Smile.

Juice. Smile.

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Self Feeding Whole Fruit Juicers

Introducing Fridja’s 2024 masterpiece, the f2500: the epitome of modern juicing efficiency. Simply add in whole fruits, secure the lid, and twist the dial. Forget about the hassle of chopping or feeding in ingredients. Its smart design ensures effortless juicing and cleaning.

Vertical Clothes Steamers

Vertical Clothes Steamers

Vertical clothes steamers are fast and easy to use. Simply hang up your clothes and use a jet of steam to remove creases and refresh fabrics. All our vertical clothes steamers come with a telescopic pole and a hanger for fast and effective steaming.

Benefits of Masticating Juicers

Whole Fruit Juicers

A whole fruit juicer with a large tilting feeding chute utilising cold press technology. Spend less time preparing produce and more time enjoying fresh juice! Feed in whole fruits or vegetables to make cold press juice, sorbets and even fruit ice cream!

Best Steam Iron

Handheld Clothes Steamers

Fridja make powerful handheld clothes steamers. The f10 handheld clothes steamers that are as powerful as full sized clothes steamers and come in black, pink and white. Find out why they’re loved by Vogue and the Evening Standard.

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High Pressure Clothes Steamers

High Pressure Steamers

A powerful and revolutionary high-pressure clothes steamer utilising 5 Bars of pressure. A press of the button on the handle triggers a thick and powerful jet of high-pressure steam, ideal for removing creases and refreshing all materials.


Dragons’ Den

Did you see us? Yes Fridja were on Dragons’ Den! Popping up in the lift, giving the pitch and listening to what the Dragons’ had to say. It was a thrilling ride that changed the company forever! Check our some photos and watch the video now.

How To Use A Clothes Steamer

How To Use A Clothes Steamer

Fridja have provided clothes steamers to shops, fashion events and homes across Europe since 2010, and we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks when it comes to knowing how to steam clothes. Find out more in our short video now.


Our Blog

We love to discuss all that we’re up to and all our latest news in our blog. From fashion and catwalk shows, to our YouTube and Instagram channels, we’re always keen to let you know what we’ve been up to and where we’re heading to.

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