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best handheld clothes steamer


Best handheld steamer for clothes. Best handheld steamer for clothes. The best handheld steamer for clothes! Let that just sink in (you and the SEO).

I was innocently browsing the internet, googling Fridja, and low and behold I found this article, from six months ago. Oops. “Forget ironing – these days, it’s all about the clothes steamer”.

The Evening Standard ran a piece highlighting the best handheld steamer for clothes, and our humble f10 handheld clothes steamer, has seemed to have come top bill! It’s even earned itself a pretty stamp, check it out!


Best handheld steamer for clothes


They’ve said:

If aesthetics are important to you it doesn’t get much cuter than the Fridja F10, which comes in black, white or pink. Taking only 45 seconds to heat up, it makes quick work of crumpled clothing – especially as the steam jet can be held down continuously for up to 14 minutes.

The handle is slim and the model is light, making it easy to manoeuvre around garments and the chord stretches to almost two metres, which is great if your plug points are in awkward places. Add-ons such as the delicate fabric guard and collar press come in handy whilst the anti-calcium water tank gave us assurance that the product will is durable. Though one of the pricier products on the list, all these factors add up to make it a favourite.


Best handheld steamer for clothes

Here our wonderful super babe is sporting a Gigi (pink), but the f10 is available in Erin (white) and Raf (black).

They also had some really good tips for when using a clothes steamer:

Pro tips for a wrinkle-free wardrobe


1. After you have allowed your steamer to fully heat up, test it on a kitchen towel first to prevent any water sputtering all over your clothes. And always steam in a vertical position!

2. Be aware of the type of fabric you are working with. Silk should be steamed from the reverse side to avoid water streaks and velvet should never touch the face of the steamer.

3. Use distilled/deionized water to fill your clothes steamer. Hard water minerals found in tap water such as calcium and magnesium can clog clothes steamers and decrease their overall effectiveness. Distilled water is readily available from most grocery stores and costs about £1 for 2.5L.

4. Clean your clothes steamer with white distilled vinegar. Fill the tank with the vinegar (white distilled only), allow to heat completely then push all the steam out into your kitchen or bathroom sink. Repeat with distilled water to remove any trace of the vinegar and voilà, a good as new clothes steamer.


Thank you so much Evening Standard! What an amazing article – you can read it here.

To watch an overview of our f10 handheld clothes steamer, just click below!

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