Bistrotheque / 88

“Passion, love, sex, money, violence, religion, injustice and death” – a bit heavy for 11:52 in the morning, but pretty cool at the same time. These Pet Shop Boys lyrics are something along the lines of super trendy Bistrotheque’s latest pop up restaurant ’88’, an ode to everything that 1988 stood for.

Think glamour, think greed, think sex, think sleaze. Think bruscetta and salt duck, think rice and peas, think coquelet with lemon and herbs, think crisp polenta, ricotta, grilled courgettes, rocket and parmesan, think pavlova, tiramisu and expresso.

Think, woah, that’s well buff.

The venue was a soon-to-be demolished office building, one of the first of the 80’s, the top floor in London’s financial district Canary Wharf. The decore was incredible, seeing pink neon tubes affixed to floating black Venetian blinds on black and white quarry tiled flooring. The five evenings were pure decadence, 1988 style. The uniforms were to match. Styled by Grace Cobb, fashion editor of Wonderland Magazine, waitresses were dressed in 1988 black dresses by Joseph. This was all overseen by the master Giles Deacon, of Henry Holland t-shirt fame ‘Get Your Freak On Giles Deacon’.

There always has to be sturdy pal backstage to make everyone looks crisp as hell and we were delighted that the team were using Fridja F-1000 professional garment steamers to make the uniforms perfect. Coco did her bit in all her glory.

So next time we’re all eating our egg and chips, just know that someone, somewhere out there, is being glamorous. But for now, pass the ketchup darling.


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