Central Saint Martins BA (Honours) Fashion Press Show 2011

On Tuesday 31st of May 2011, the BA students of the world’s greatest fashion college presented their graduation collections to the public. Forty five designers from Central Saint Martins were chosen to exhibit in Bethnal Green’s York Hall. It was stunning.

Backstage was, insane. The fashion stars of tomorrow teamed up with L’Oréal hair stylists, make up artists, stylists and so many really really good looking models in a slightly chaotic affair to produce one of the best fashion shows I’ve ever seen.

There was of course another secret weapon they had to make the clothes look oh so fresh…. Fridja F-1000 steamers! Here is the awesome Kirsty Longman using a Karl.

Kirsty Longman and Karl

There were five F-1000s in the building, but getting photos was near impossible. You don’t want to mess with these designers. I walked around pretending I was a photographer and even had a little chat with Christopher Kane. I also managed to get some sick photos of the show. Here are my highlights. Well done to all the designers and thanks to Saint Martins for giving me an awesomo seat for the show. Ta very much.

Ryohei Kawanishi

Kim Traeger

Momo Wang – Joint Second Winner

Crimson Rose O’Shea

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