Estée Lalonde, who we’re sure you already know, is a HUGE YouTube star, instagrammer, blogger and general gorgeous boss. Hailing from Canada Estée (real name Essie Button) moved to London not knowing many people.

So what do you do when you don’t know anyone? You go on the internet. Estée met her boyf and founded a new life in London. If you’ve not watched, check out her typical weekend video here.

YouTube video

In her latest video though, she shows you all through her house! So good to get a tour! We’re lucky enough to get to see her place, which she admits is starting to come along nicely!

Obviously here at Fridja, we’re all about the laundry section. So what does Estée have? She has a Miele washing machine (fancy), a Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron (less fancy) and a Fridja f1000 Professional Garment Steamer (king of fancy). Check it out it at 1 minute 49, or by watching the video below.

I also wanted to mention my steamer, it’s a Fridja steamer. Exactly what you think, it’s a clothing steamer. That water gets hot, steam comes out of here and you can steam your clothes and it’s much easier than ironing.

Steamers are amazing if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to properly iron something or you have really delicate fabrics, steamers can be great.


YouTube video

Thanks so much, Estée! So much love from us at Fridja xxxx

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