f1900 Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer Video | Sergio

Our most ambitious video yet, we’ve wrapped everything you need to know about Sergio, our AMAZING f1900 advanced whole fruit juicer, sorbet maker and fruit ice cream maker into a short movie.

YouTube video

8 replies on “f1900 Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer Video | Sergio

  • Jayme Geia

    Good evening Im so happy I think I found my new juicer how do I get my hands on one Cold Press Whole Fruit Slow Juicer Wide Mouth Vegetable Processor do u do postage an handling if you can let us know that would be great

    • Team Fridja

      Hi Monica,

      Thanks for your comment. Fridja products are designed for use in places with 220-240V, so will work perfectly in the UK and Europe. However, places like America and Japan power runs at half ours (110v), so there won’t receive enough power.

      Sorry to disappoint!

      Many thanks
      Team Fridja

  • Gosia

    Just got my juicer.
    How do I make ice creams and sorbets?
    I know about attachment, but unsure if the fruits have to be frozen or not. Manual says they have to be thawed completely, what doesn’t make ice cream. Can you help please? I found video that says they have to be taken out of the freezer just like 10-15 min before, so they won’t be thawed completely

    • Team Fridja

      Hi Gosia

      Thanks for your question!

      Take frozen fruit of the freezer and let them partially thaw for 5-10 minutes for sorbet. Same with bananas for fruit ice cream.

      Hope that helps
      Team Fridja


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