About Fridja

Who Are Fridja?

Fridja the company was born in 2010. Fridja is a British company that develops, retails and wholesales innovating home appliances. The brand is named after the surname of the founder and managing director Ben Fridja. The operations team is headed up by Joanne Leighton, a very skilled lady from the North. You can contact us anytime here.

Our flagship products started as clothes steamers, however soon after launching our f1000 clothes steamer, we developed other products quickly including citrus juicers and cold press juicers. We love YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and our Blog, and we are happy you’ve found our company. Please follow us on social media if you like, we promise to be vaguely entertaining at our worst and a gem of British innovation at our best.

Was Fridja on Dragons’ Den?

Yes we were! Ben Fridja was on Dragons’ Den in July 2015. You can read all about it and see the video here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard and of course wonderful Paypal. Should you wish to pay with American Express or another random credit card, please choose Paypal and checkout as a guest in Paypal using your credit card there.

Can I collect Fridja products?

Can I collect? Unfortunately not! We cannot offer a collection service from our office or anywhere else. However! If you order before 1 o’clock, we promise to dispatch the same day and you will receive it the very next working day. Please include a mobile telephone number so we can even tell you what time the courier will arrive with your brand spanking new Fridja!

Where are Fridja products designed and manufactured?

Fridja products are designed in London, UK. They are manufactured in both China and the United Kingdom.

Ordering A Fridja Product

How much is delivery and when will I receive my item?

Within UK mainland, all our delivery costs are free for all steamers and juicers! All accessories are charged at a flat rate of £1.99 for one accessory or more. For all deliveries outside the UK mainland, please see our delivery charges here.

Fridja products being delivered to UK mainland should arrive on the next working day provided you have ordered before 1 pm GMT (on a weekday). During busy periods delivery will be 48 hours.

International orders can take up to a week to arrive depending on location.

All our products will have to be signed for, however, if you include a mobile telephone number, DPD will let you know what time they will arrive. Our couriers will give you the option of changing the delivery time / delivering to a neighbour. We hope that makes life easier!

Do you deliver outside the EU?

We offer shipping on our lovely products to the UK and Europe, but we also can ship outside of Europe too. You can see all our shipping rates here.

We now offer shipping to Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan from our site for f10 handheld steamers. Please message us here with your full postal address if you would like any other product, in any territory. Once we have quoted for shipping we can then raise an invoice for you and you can then either pay via Paypal or BACS and once we receive the funds your item will be sent via a tracked service.

Can I pay over the phone?

Although we used to be able to take card payments over the phone, we’ve come into some trouble with stolen credit cards lately (cheers gangs). So the best way now is to pay online using 3D Secure. If you need any help with 3D Secure, please contact your bank. The best way I find is just to reset your password, that way you can finish the transaction.

Do Fridja products work in 110v?

Fridja products are designed for use in places with 220-240V, so will work perfectly in the UK and Europe. However places like America and Japan power runs at half ours (110v), so the heater inside won’t receive enough power to heat the water into steam.

To see all the countries our products will work (places with voltage between 220v and 240v), please see here. For more information on using 240v appliances in 110v locations, please click here.

I’m in Europe, will my Fridja arrive with a two-pin plug?

Yes! Every Fridja we sell that ships to Europe will arrive with a two-pin plug inside the box so you can get steaming and juicing right away.

Contact for wholesalers, resellers, retailers and bulk purchases?

For anyone who’d like to sell our products or purchase them in quantities, please contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.

Steamer FAQs

Can I use my steamer whilst I’m wearing the clothes?

Don’t you dare! It will hurt.

How do I clean a clothes steamer?

We’ve written a full guide on how to clean a clothes steamer. You can read it here.

What’s the difference between the f1000 and f1500?

The f1000 clothes steamer is a traditional garment steamer that uses a boiling system to guide steam through a hose onto clothes. Our f1500 high-pressure clothes steamer uses two boilers to deliver pressurised steam. Our recently released f1500 improves on our original f1000 with high-pressure steam using steam burst technology, a heated ironing plate, an advanced flexible ironing board and a larger 3.8-litre water tank that produces up to 2 hours of continuous steam, all housed in a new chic design.

Is it okay to use fragrance / detergents / ironing water?

We don’t advise to add anything to the water as this will both damage the heater and invalidate your guarantee (unless it is a Fridja approved product!) However, there is nothing wrong with spraying the garment with the scent / ironing water prior to steaming. You’ll get the same effect and you won’t damage your beautiful steamer!

What sort of water should I use?

Though we recommend using distilled or demineralised water, normal tap water may be used. This carries the risk of more sediment buildup, so occasionally empty the unit. Do not allow the water to become stale. Old water containing mineral buildup or mildew may cause stains or musty odours. Follow the descaling instructions in the manual if necessary. Never use scented or starched water, as they could clog up your steamer and cause malfunction.

Is it okay to leave water in the tank / unit?

If you use it regularly, it should not be necessary to empty the steamer after each use. However, if you only use it once in a while please do empty it to prevent any leaking or limescale/algae developing. We advise to not leave the steamer/water tank in direct sunlight.

I’m not very good at steaming, got any tips?

We do indeed. Our most popular video on YouTube is our video ‘Top 5 Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer’. You can see it here!

How do I steam a shirt?

Check out a video here!

f10 FAQs

My f10 won’t turn on, am I doing something wrong?

Possibly. Please press the on/off button, rather than holding it. This should turn on your f10 swiftly! We are updating the instruction manual and apologise for any confusion.

What do the different colour lights on the f10 mean?

The f10 has two modes, full power mode and eco mode!

Flashing red light = getting ready
Press button to switch between modes
Constant blue light = ready to steam full steam power
Constant green light = ready to steam eco mode (less steam, water tank lasts longer)

Both have the same heat power to the ironing metal plate. After it’s not been used for a while when it is pulsing red/green/blue light, it is in stand by mode.

How much does the f10 weigh?

The f10 weighs just 900 grams. It can weigh even less if you don’t use the water tank and use the water bottle adapter inside. That will make your luggage even lighter!

Does the f10 work all around the world?

Unfortunately not, the f10 only works in countries which use 220/240V. This means that our f10 does not work in America or Canada without a step down transformer.

Is the f10 safe to use on all fabrics? Including wedding dresses?

Yes!! The f10 is super safe to use on all clothes, including suits, wedding dresses, saris, curtains, bedding and lots more. If you’re unsure of any fabric you can use the delicate fabric guard included with every f10.

Is an f10 suitable for all my ironing needs?

The f10 is a fast and quick alternative to the iron and ironing board. It’s small and practical, and won’t take up precious space in your home. The f10 is also great for travelling.

f1000 FAQs

My water tank doesn’t click onto the main unit

The f1000 is designed for the water tank to sit on top of the machine rather than click. This is perfectly normal and the way it was designed for longevity! Having a removable water tank is so much easier than adding water directly to the machine.

What happened to Kate, Ralph and Stella?

Unfortunately, they left the party! We had a great time selling hot pink, blue and yellow steamers but unfortunately, they have now been discontinued. Now Jean-Paul is here!

How do assemble a Fridja f1000 clothes steamer?

Just bought a Fridja clothes steamer, fantastic! Looking for how to set up or assemble an f1000 professional clothes steamer, excellent! We made a video just to help you along the way! Watch it here.

Are Fridja clothes steamers portable?

The f1000 and f1500 professional garment steamers must be plugged in, but are on wheels allowing easy manoeuvrability. They are also light so you could transport them easily. This is especially handy for professionals needing a steamer on locations or taking up and down the stairs of your home! However, our f10 handheld clothes steamer might be a lot easier to transport and it has the same power as a full-sized clothes steamer!

How small do the steamers pack away for storage?

Both the f1000 and the f1500 have telescopic poles, which can go down to knee level (78cm tall). However, if you really want to store your steamer away, you can remove the pole and the hose quickly so it can fit in that cupboard under the stairs easily. However we’d say if you can keep it up next to your cupboard and use it once a day, you’ll get the most use out of it!

f1500 FAQs

Is the f1500 better for business users?

The f1500 is probably more suitable for business needs. Firstly it has high-pressure steam, so is extremely fast at steaming clothes. This can be controlled from a remote control in the handle. It also has a larger water tank which allows it to produce continuous steam for up to 2 hours of continuous steaming. Unlike the f1000, the f1500 has an ironing board which can help when steaming.

There’s water pooling underneath the water tank, is that normal?

Yes! All clothes steamers work like this. A small amount of water is released from the water tank into a water reservoir. In that water reservoir, a small amount is fed to the heater inside, where the beautiful steam is created. Do not worry, this is totally normal and how all clothes steamers work.

The hose isn’t fitting into the main unit?

The f1500 is a sturdy and powerful clothes steamer. The hose needs to be inserted into the machine until you hear a ‘click’ sound! Once that click is heard, you’re ready to turn the beast on. If you don’t hear that click sounds, it might be that you haven’t inserted the hose fully in. Please use some pressure until you hear the click sound. It will come!

The pole seems very tight, is this normal?

As with all the parts of the steamer, the pole is built so that it is sturdy and will not fall down. If it is too tight to unscrew with your hands, we suggest gripping the pole using something other more effective than your hands, ie rubber gloves or something with some extra grip. It will loosen easier than with your hands.

Why does the pressure drop?

The f1500 pressure system builds up to 5 bar pressure and is released when the button is pressed and pressured steam is released. Although 5 bar is the general maximum it will build to, the steamer still produces a vast amount of steam when at a lower pressure, so it’s not important to wait or pay too much attention to the gauge when steaming. Steam on!

The f1500 steamer is hot! Any tips?

All irons and clothes steamers produce heat and can cause burning. We highly recommend you use the heat proof glove, included in the box. Get the job done quickly and safely!

f1900 FAQs

How should I prepare fruit for juicing?

Cut them into chunks small enough to easily slip down the feeding chute. Most citrus fruit rind tastes unpleasant so should be peeled first (lemon being the exception). Our f1900 whole fruit slow juicer will require little to no cutting of fruits and vegetables, wahey!

Should I refrigerate produce prior to juicing?

Yes! Cooled fruits and vegetables produce a higher yield and better tasting juice. Never use frozen produce though! This might damage your juicer.

How do I make nut butters?

Making delicious nutter butters (AKA peanut butter) is very easy in a slow juicer. Simply slowly feed in your nuts and your nut butter will come out of the pulp chute.

How do I make nut milks (almond milk)?

Making nut milk is also very simple in a slow juicer. Soak nuts overnight in a covered bowl. The next day (the longer left, the more creamy the milk), rinse the water off and add fresh water. The more water added, the thinner the consistency of the milk will be. Then ladle in a mixture of freshwater and soaked nuts. You will very quickly be in the company of, nut milk!

The lid is stuck and stiff, how can I loosen?

Sometimes food can cause the juicer’s lid to get stuck. The best way to unscrew is to go forwards and backwards a few times. This will loosen the lid in order for you to remove. Adding water into the machine can help too.

Are there any fruits/vegetables I cannot juice?

Our juicers are suitable for almost any produce you can think of, but sadly there are a few exceptions. We do not recommend juicing sugar cane, coconut, bananas, dried herbs or spices, liquorice root, grains or seeds. Fish or meat products should not be juiced because that’s gross. Avoid juicing frozen fruit or vegetables and always remember to take stones and pips out of fruit first!

Attempting to juice any of the above will void your warranty.


Do you sell spare parts for the v3000 juicer / Veto Juicers?

Unfortunately as we discontinued this juicer quite a while ago we no longer stock any parts for this juicer. As a valued customer please contact customer services who may be able to give you a discount towards your next Fridja juicer.

How do I avoid burning myself?

A person with experience with a steamer will never burn themselves, however when you begin it’s a natural worry that you might burn yourself. Therefore we’d always advise you always pay attention! Be aware of the hot steam! Secondly, use a hand mat or glove in your hand. It is heat resistant and should stop any hot steam from you burning you.

How do I steam the bottom of garments?

It’s easy to forget that when you are steaming, the bottom bits of the garments (you know, the bits near the floor) are just as easy to steam as the top bits. You can simply lift the clothes off of the floor with one hand and steam with the other! Remember this when doing long things like trousers or dresses. In addition, you can always use the hand mat for extra support!

One of my accessories is damaged or missing on arrival, what should I do?

Our accessories are usually within the polystyrene packaging that holds the item in the box. If you think an accessory is damaged or missing, please contact us here.

My clothes are getting wet, can I have some help?

When working with any steam appliance there is the possibility of getting occasional drips, but there are things you can do to avoid them. When you first switch the steamer on, especially on cold days, condensation may develop on the steamer head. Just wipe this off before using, once heated it should not happen again. Sometimes, depending on how the steamer head is being angled, small amounts of water may collect in the steamer head causing drops. If this is the case, occasionally tilt the steamer head back and extend the hose for a moment to allow any collected water to drain down the hose.


Where can I purchase Fridja spare parts?

Please go to the spare parts section on our website and you will find all the Fridja spare parts here. If something is not there please do contact us here.

How long are the Fridja products guaranteed?

If you purchased your Fridja steamer from a vendor other than Fridja, please contact them directly. If by chance you are unhappy with your purchase, please return it to us within 14 days of delivery for a refund. Returned items must be unopened and unused and sent back with all supplied Fridja accessories and packaging. All our goods are supplied with 12 months warranty. For full details on our returns policy, please click here.

I’ve lost my Fridja instruction booklet, can I have another one?

Lost your Fridja instruction manual? No problem! Grab another one here. Please right click and select “Save As” to download or Left click to view in your browser f10f1000, f1400, f1500 and f1900.