Gareth Pugh

Today we visited the wonder world of Gareth Pugh. His MASSIVE Dalston studio was a perfect home for his new white F-1000 steamer! He was preparing for the biggest show so far at Paris Fashion Week, so the F-1000 arrived in perfect time!

He said:

‘Light, compact and quick to heat up- this is a handy, easy to use piece of kit, and comes with everything you need to get the job done.’

His biog reads:

“Sunderland-born fashion designer Gareth Pugh has been labeled by some as “the new Alexander McQueen”, in part because of his extreme vision and dark theatrical aesthetic. His collections are made up of gothic themes thought up from his squat in Peckham – his imagination and enthusiasm is what draws people to his shows. Gareth Pugh was featured at Fashion East showcasing his designs alongside heavyweights John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld.”

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