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Good Housekeeping Magazine is like that tough kid at school that took a liking to you. A long-standing established character that luckily thinks you’re okay. Or in this case, thinks we’re okay.


They’ve been very kind and awarded us 74/100 for our latest juicer! I can tell you at the time of writing this, I (humble narrator) has never scored 74/100 for anything at school. Anything above a 70 is technically a first at Uni, so we are over the moon! Check out the full review here.

The latest addition to Fridja’s juicer range, the F1900 Whole Fruit Slow Juicer offers an aesthetically pleasing design which is straightforward as well as convenient to use. It features a wide three-inch feeding chute, which allows apples to be added whole, and a single speed for juicing.


Overall, we found that it produced a decent amount of juice with very little froth – particularly excelling when juicing berries. It’s also very speedy, needing less than three minutes to work its way through a kilogram of ingredients. However, it’s worth noting that it comes with a steep price tag and so won’t suit those shopping on a budget.


They do rightly point out that our juicer is not cheap. Stainless steel material and tough motors do not come cheap.

However, we have now price slashed our Fridja f1900 Whole Fruit Juicer from £249.99 to £149.99, including free delivery across Europe!

Click the gorgeous juicer below to head to the purchase page now! Or click here!

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