Grazia Preview Show for Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2013


I won’t bother telling you about the tragic budget airways flight. I won’t bother telling you about the way we had to rearrange our luggage three times to not get overcharged. I won’t tell you how security stopped us as we had six lint rollers in our bag and came within minutes of missing our flight. I won’t even tell you how we shared a plane with the wonderful Cassette Playa! What I will tell you is how today we provided the garment care for the Grazia preview show for Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week!

Grazia was introduced into the German market about two years ago. When we learnt that Grazia was holding a special preview show of the upcoming collections being shown at Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week Spring Summer 2013, we were damn excited to be a part of it.

Possibly the funniest thing about it is that we weren’t even told we were doing it. We’d essentially arrived the day before Berlin Fashion Week just to check that Kate, Karl and their buds were all doing fine and ready for a week of heavy steaming. Then when we arrived, our wonderful contact at Berlin Fashion Week asked about our plans for tonight! A Grazia party? Boom! That sounds like a night of supermodels and cocktails! Then I slowly clocked that 50 designers were showing one piece each in a massive catwalk showdown, and WE WERE PROVIDING THE GARMENT CARE (as well as providing the garment care for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SS 2013 as planned). Oh, okay, let’s get to work I guess! We headed back to our apartment; I put on a pink jacket (essential) and headed back to the venue.


Team Steam (I’m afraid I coined this, many apologies to fans of imagination), grabbed their favourite colour steamer and we worked from one of the rooms to the other steaming the garms. Easy.

Thanks to the strong German coffee, I got massively involved. It was very therapeutic.

The catwalk show was amazing. When steaming the clothes you only see one part of the show but when you add all the other elements it comes alive. The music ranged from Madge to Sam Sparrow to some pretty intense dubstep. The whole Grazia crew was imported from Hamburg. They even came up to me and told me they loved our steamers, AND in English, nice gals!

One really cool thing I found at Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week is that when the audience really liked an outfit or a certain moment during the catwalk show, clapping and applause would spontaneously occur. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.

After the show I shared a cocktail briefly with the editor of German Grazia. I informed her that I personally steamed her dress. She thanked me! Lucky really, as I could’ve come across a bit weird. Here is (left to right) publisher Kai Rose, Grazia display manager Astrid Bleeker, Grazia editor Claudia ten Hoevel (in the perfectly steamed blue dress) and presenter Alexander Mazza.

One cocktail later and a bit of pizza then it’s bedtime for us. We’ve got a six in the morning call time and a whole fashion week ahead of us. Goodnight goodnight.

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