Inthefrow LOVES the f10

Inthefrow Loves the Fridja f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer

Inthefrow Victoria Magrath Superstar YouTube Instagrammer

Victoria Magrath is ene of our favourite vloggers! Inthefrow has declared her love for our new f10 steamer! Victoria said “This is so cool, it’s called Fridja! Looks how cute it looks in pink, it works so well” and then followed up with “it works really really well!” all whilst she steams her red Hugo Boss jumpsuit to perfection!

YouTube video

Steaming Whilst You’re Winning

Watch Her Use the Pink f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer

Victoria Magrath chose the name Inthefrow as she wanted something short, sharp and snappy and fashionesque. She had aspirations to be indeed be ‘in the front row’ after studying fashion retail at university. There’s also an Alanis Morissette song called ‘Front Row’. These two things meshed and Inthefrow was born!

Magrath is also a bit of a clever clogs, recently completed her PhD in Mobile Fashion App Design! She said “It was a long three and a half years, which I absolutely loved, but it was hard work and the last six months especially really dragged me down. I was trying to blog and write up my thesis at the same time and I wasn’t getting much sleep. So to finally pass and graduate was such an amazing celebration.” Pretty impressive if you ask us.


Victoria’s Steamer

If you’d like to see the infamous clothes steamer that Inthefrow uses, check it out here in this article from The Sun, who declared it the best small clothes steamer. You can buy one right here.

Best small clothes steamer

Thank you Victoria! Steam everything you own from now on! Check her links out below and watch the video now!

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A Dream Wedding

This summer, Victoria got married! She got married in a Phillipa Lepley Couture bridal dress to walk down the aisle, paired with some Jimmy Choo ivory Lucy heels. She used the wedding planners, The Lobster Collective, if any of you fancy recreating her wedding! “They couldn’t have made my wedding any more perfect for me” Magrath declared. They took her vision and ran with it. She said she loves every little detail. We can see why! Read all about it in the article in Harpers Bazaar.

YouTube video

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