London Collections Men SS14

So maybe you already know how much of a big deal London Collections Men is. Maybe you already know that it’s pretty much THE men’s fashion event globally. Maybe you know that the whole world watches London from the 16th – 18th of June. Or maybe, just maybe, the Olympics was a much bigger deal for you. But it definitely wasn’t for us.

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For the shows the British Fashion Council were putting on, there were three venues. Our steamers were being used at all three venues. First up, Victoria House!

London Collections Men Fridja 1

London Collections Men

At Victoria House there was a mix of designers showing their bags, shoes, watches and all sorts. I got the chance to chat to a few of them, here are some of my highlights.

London Collections Men Fridja 2

London Collections Men Fridja 3

Dr Martens!

London Collections Men Fridja 5

I had a great chat with a pretty amazing designer, Diego Vanassibara. He was telling me about the shoes he’s holding in the photo below. It’s a mixture of wood and leather with this special design so that they keep their shape. Pretty amazing stuff. Plus, they look nice!



I also met these guys!

London Collections Men Fridja 6

At Victoria House there was also a pretty full on schedule for catwalk.

London Collections Men Fridja 9

London Collections Men Fridja 10.

London Collections Men Fridja 8

London Collections Men Fridja 11

I got some good pictures of the Matthew Miller show!

London Collections Men Fridja

London-Collections-Men-Fridja-24 London Collections Men Fridja

London Collections Men Fridja

Here’s the man himself! Well done bud.

London Collections Men Fridja

The next venue is The Old Sorting Office!

London Collections Men Fridja 12

I managed to see Xhander Zhou’s show. Really cool tailored garms. The venue was pretty amazing too…

London Collections Men Fridja 13 London-Collections-Men-Fridja-14 London-Collections-Men-Fridja-15

The show was packed out. I was waiting in the queue and one of the important people with a clipboard came straight over to me and escorted me to the front. I thought, amazing! They think I’m important! Then I realised it was because I was ten years older than everybody else. Oops.

London Collections Men Fridja London-Collections-Men-Fridja-17 London-Collections-Men-Fridja-18 London-Collections-Men-Fridja-19 London-Collections-Men-Fridja-20

The third venue was the brilliant Hospital Club! It’s where we edited the stop frame video we did back in 2011! The BFC had totally transformed the area, it looked ace. I saw some old friends, people we’d covered on the blog before and some new comers. Check out my highlights including Universal Works, Lee Roach and Alan Taylor!

.London Collections Men Fridja London-Collections-Men-Fridja-27 London-Collections-Men-Fridja-28 London-Collections-Men-Fridja-29

The last show I saw was a Nasir Mazhar. A real visual treat for the girls..

London Collections Men London-Collections-Men-Fridja-32 London-Collections-Men-Fridja-33

A highlight for me was when I clocked this girl shouting ‘phwoar’ to her friend when the chap above walked by. Comic fashion gold.


All in all, London Collections Men SS14 was a fantastic event and really great for me to wander around and see all the ins and outs. Our steamers went down a treat and I think everyone had a great time! I certainly did…

London Collections Men

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