London Fashion Week A/W 2012

After we’ve had time to shed some of that Christmas fat and regain our looks after an intense New Years Eve, London Fashion Week pops it’s pretty face round the corner. It’s time to get your camera phone out. LFW A/W 2012 took place on the 17th to the 23rd of February this year and boy did Fridja have our work cut out.

First up was our new long term sponsorship for Vauxhall Fashion Scout. Now if you don’t know about Vauxhall Fashion Scout, i’ll briefly explain. It’s been responsible for breaking through a number of amazing designers. They’ve even been labelled a ‘talent goldmine’ by Vogue. Read more here.

It takes place in an incredible location in London’s Covent Garden; The Freemason’s Hall. Check this out.

We kit out the 4 backstage areas full of steamers. This was awesome as every time we dropped in to see a show and check on the steamers, we got to eat their buff sandwiches and coconut water (another sponsor).

The week long event was pretty hectic. There was even a collection shown from Pam Hogg, who is pretty big in the game. Even Kate Moss turned up. I didn’t see her, I was possible attacking the sandwiches again. Standard.

We can’t document all the show we took part in, because frankly we don’t know. However, we also like to help out smaller fashion shows like ‘The Good Fashion Show‘. It’s one of those eco shows where if you go and buy stuff from there, you’re a good person and you’ll get to live in heaven and all that.

It was a varied affair with some strange acts from Omar (famous for his song ‘There’s Nothing Like This’) to exotic dancers and lots of catwalk sandwiched in. It took place in Holburn at the Goodenough College.

At the end there was a pretty special dress made of bubble wrap as shown below. Handy if your girlfriend needs posting somewhere.

Another event we did was a Richard Nicoll instation at the ICA. A one day event that obviously took loads work. I’m a massive fan of Richard Nicoll anyway, so it was a please to provide the garment care for the event. Photos are as below.

Another event I popped into was the INCREDIBLY talented Fred Butler’s mini show at Somerset House. It was totally amazing, big props Fred.

All in all, it was crazy busy. Stylists/Venues/Shows have a wonderful habit of calling us last minute to come to the rescue.

Lucky for them, we’re happy to help.

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