Metro | The Lust List

The Metro is a HUGE deal in London with 1.5 million readers a day! So when they talk about new tech that they want in the lust list, we listen.


Metro | The Lust List


Today, Fridja 19th January 2018, saw Lucy Hedges’ brilliant lust list featuring our gorgeous pink f10! It seems she doesn’t share my obsession with both steamers and extension cables (seriously, who doesn’t love excessive plug sockets?) Nevertheless our f10 handheld clothes steamer stands out on the page.


A steamer sounds about as exciting as an extension cable but if ironing is as tedious for you as it is for us, this nifty crease and crinkle eliminator helps you live the household-chore dream. £99.99,


An amazing mention from a giant of the press, thanks Lucy and everyone who worked on The Lust List. See the article in full high resolution glory here


The Lust List

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