Munya Chawawa and a Fridja f1900 Whole Fruit Juicer

Munya Chawawa

Featuring the Fridja f1900 Juicer


Queue 3rd February 2024, Saturday morning, our phone starts beeping. A lot.

The modern-day legendary comedian, Munya Chawawa, uploads another hysterical Instagram Reel (and on X and TikTok) based on this 14-year-old rnb classic

However, this one features the Fridja f1900 juicer.

The reel is all about new legislation that disposable vapes are about to be banned

It looks like he’s comparing our juicer to one of those huge vapes. Fair enough. Pretty funny if you ask us.

Munya Chawawa

 #lyrics #vape #comedy


“If I should die before I wake

It’s ‘cause you took my vape away

Life without Blueberry Waffle’s

Like living with no air

And I mention I vape all the time

My new ting looks just like Optimus Prime

Why is smoking kiwis is such a crime

And now they’re banned.

Because how, do they expect me

To survive without blue raspberry

I feel lost without my my Mary

It’s so hard for me to breath

Tell me how supposed to breath normal air

If it don’t taste like cheesecake or Green Pear

Having Healthy Lungs just doesn’t compare

To puffing apple crumble flavoured rings in the air

And my life just don’t feel complete

Without blowing smoke at the person behind me

Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe normal air”

We were so chuffed (not puffed) about Munya having one of our juicers in his kitchen. Even if it was more than likely a last minute prop, we’re super happy that there was one at his home.

We were also really touched by some of the comments. It seems like a lot of his fans have one of our juicers. Thank you to every one of you!

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