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  • High Pressure Clothes Steamers – Are They Better?

    High Pressure Clothes Steamers High Pressure Clothes Steamers – are they better? Clothes steamers are used in commercial settings. Settings like retail shops, factories and dry cleaners. In recent years, clothes steamers have made their way into our homes. They take away creases from a range of materials without the need for an iron or […]

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  • Top 5 Reasons To Replace An Iron with a Clothes Steamer Top 5 Reasons To Replace An Iron with a Clothes Steamer

    Whether at a trade show or on the internet, a top question we often get asked is what are 5 reasons to replace an iron with a clothes steamer. If you’ve every known anyone who owns a clothes steamer, they are often advocates of why you should ditch the iron and get on your feet with […]

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  • Descale A Clothes Steamer Cleaning and Descaling A Clothes Steamer

    As with any water based product, clothes steamers need regular maintenance to ensure a long and productive life, including cleaning and descaling. Please follow these procedures showing the best method of cleaning and descaling a clothes steamer. The rate of which you carry out maintenance on a clothes steamer will depend on usage, however we […]

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  • How To Wash Dry Clean Only Clothes At Home

    We often get asked how to wash dry clean only clothes at home at Fridja headquarters, and so it’s really delightful when someone as brilliant as Telegraph Fashion explains it in a beautiful article! Yay! You can read their awesome article using this link – How To Wash Dry Clean Only Clothes At Home! They highlight some […]

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  • East London: Now and then.

    To celebrate us (Fridja and Veto Juicers) moving to under Bad Denim in Clapton, Hackney (East London), we’ve found a bunch of pictures from Google Maps from recent Hackney. Here are a few of my favourites, hope you enjoy! Ace Hotel 2008: 2012: 2014: Hackney Downs 2008: 2012: Dalston Junction 2008: 2012: Adam and Eve 2008: 2012: 2014: Hackney […]

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  • Saving Money At The Dry Cleaners

    Normally we don’t do posts about things like saving money at the dry cleaners. Normally we like to waltz around fashion shows, telling you about the champagne and pretty models, but the truth of the matter is that our steamers are used by people everyday to sort out creases, and to save money at the […]

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  • George Lamb

    It’s great when someone mega famous likes your project. It’s even better when he’s a superstar with a superstar dad, and a superstar business portfolio. You may know that other than being a DJ and TV legend, George Lamb managed the mega fab Lily Allen on her way up but what you may not know is […]

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  • Fridja Steamer Pop Bakery

    We got these cakes as a gift to the British Fashion Council and they were so good we had to show them off on our blog! Thank you POP Bakery! xxx  

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