• f900 Automatic Citrus Juicer f900 Automatic Citrus Juicer – Product Launch

    Fridja are so proud to be launching our f900 Automatic Citrus Juicer - an automatic citrus juicer which is operated by the touch of a button. Time to smile! The Fridja f900 is the latest in the evolution of citrus juicers, requiring just the push of a button and operating under a closed lid. This [...] Continue Reading
  • Fridja f1900 Juicer Reviews Fridja f1900 Juicer Reviews | Customer Video Reviews

    Fridja f1900 Juicer Reviews Wonderful Customer Video Reviews Fridja f1900 Juicer Reviews - We were lucky enough to receive an email today from one of our customers that has created a YouTube video all about the Fridja f1900 Juicer! The email was from Lilac, who is a lifestyle & mindfulness vlogger. Her YouTube channel is [...] Continue Reading
  • Best Handheld Clothes Steamer 2021 Daily Mail Femail – Fridja Best Handheld Clothes Steamer 2023

    Daily Mail Femail - Fridja Best Handheld Clothes Steamer 2023 Looking for the Best handheld clothes steamer 2023? The Daily Mail and Femail magazine are here to help! Journalist Hannah Betts says "'Steaming is effortless and not only wipes out wrinkles, but also kills bacteria, keeping clothes fresh — perfect for anything that's dry-clean only. [...] Continue Reading
  • Makeup Mirror with Wireless Charger Free f200 Makeup Mirror Promo

    They say there’s no such thing as a free LED makeup mirror with wireless charger, but, they are wrong! We are launching a very special and limited promotion! Buy any Fridja product, and we will GIVE you an f200 makeup mirror for free. So whether you choose an f10 handheld clothes steamer, an f1000 professional […]

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  • Coronavirus and steamers Coronavirus and Steamers

    Coronavirus and Steamers In these uncertain times, we have had a lot of customers contacting us asking about the effects of our clothes steamers on the Coronavirus and COVID-19. Sadly, Coronavirus is spreading internationally, so we urge our customers to protect themselves and protect others. We hope our tips below can be helpful. General Guidelines [...] Continue Reading
  • Inthefrow Inthefrow LOVES the f10

    Inthefrow Loves the Fridja f10 Handheld Clothes Steamer Inthefrow Victoria Magrath Superstar YouTube Instagrammer Victoria Magrath is ene of our favourite vloggers! Inthefrow has declared her love for our new f10 steamer! Victoria said "This is so cool, it's called Fridja! Looks how cute it looks in pink, it works so well" and then followed [...] Continue Reading
  • Best small clothes steamer Best Small Clothes Steamer | The Sun

    Best Small Clothes Steamer Best Clothes Steamers On The Market - The Sun The Sun Selects helps consumers find the best products at the best prices for your home! Created by The Sun, Britain's largest newspaper. They've got all sorts of amazing comparisons, from advent calenders for men to chopping boards! It's pretty handy. On [...] Continue Reading
  • Updating the f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer Updating the f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer

    Updating the f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer What's New In This Update? Fridja released the f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer earlier this year and sold out fast. The f1500 sports a combination of 2200w power, 5 bars of pressure, large water tank, heated plate, flexible ironing board and awesome accessories. The f1500 high pressure clothes [...] Continue Reading
  • What Fabrics Can Be Steamed What Fabrics Can Be Steamed?

    What Fabrics Can Be Steamed? How To Safely Use A Clothes Steamer A clothes steamer is a very versitile tool, capable of removing creases and refreshing a wide range of fabrics. Clothes steamers are often regarded as much 'safer' or 'less harsh' on clothing. This is why dry cleaners will use steam on clothing and [...] Continue Reading