Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model

Firstly, I’m going to apologise. I’m going to do one of those blogger apologies about not posting for a while. Truth be known, it’s been super busy in the Fridja camp. We’ve been travelling all around selling steamers, pressing clothes and general being garment care superstars. One good thing about my knowledge in apologising is that I know you’ll forgive me because the internet is full of fabulous blogs about all sorts of things. So chances are, you’ve survived. Now the British formalities are out of the way, let me tell you about Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model!

Top Model Live, Obvs

Unless you’ve been hiding under an ugly rock, you would’ve seen the tv show. Lots of girls are assessed on their potential skills to be the next Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (feel free to substitute with your choice of buff model). These girls are whittled down in an X-Factor style. Via lots of tears, heartbreak and suspense, one buff one is chosen, given a modelling contract and everyone falls in love with her. Lovely.

Now fast forward to London’s ExCel, 28th – 30th October 2011. The TV show is turned into a living event and these buff models take part in a catwalk show. Probably the most important thing about the show is that candidates for next years show are handpicked by scouts over the course of the weekend. Four of the ten finalists from this year’s tv show were found at this event. So thousands of young girls dressed to the nines come with their dreams of being a catwalk princess. They were usually accompanied by their mothers FYI. There were also various members of the TOWIE team lurking. AND a bird off the apprentice who didn’t win (but seemed to be raking in the cash). Lovely.

Of course, me and Peggy are getting on a bit to be models. We were there making sure that the clothes were looking perfect before heading onto the catwalk! The show was pretty spectacular. It lasted for 45 minutes and had some songs sung by Bluey Robinson, who sure can sing a tune. Bluey then serenades the models and the models swan around looking pretty and tall. I tell you, fourteen year old girls loved it. There was even some semi naked beefed up dude who would saunter around the place with the girl who could scream the loudest. Lovely.

Here are some shots of our steamers being used backstage and some model types. We even caught up with Jade Thomspon, the winner of the show! She was pretty buff, kudos. Thanks for reading!

Jade Thompson – Winner of Next Top Model


A woman who loved to steam

“Put your hands up if you love garment care”