Saving Money At The Dry Cleaners

Normally we don’t do posts about things like saving money at the dry cleaners. Normally we like to waltz around fashion shows, telling you about the champagne and pretty models, but the truth of the matter is that our steamers are used by people everyday to sort out creases, and to save money at the dry cleaners! So I thought I’d tell you, sweet internet readers, what I tell people at trade shows about how steamers save you time, effort and make your clothes, especially suits, last longer.

Let’s delve into this a little, I promise to make it as entertaining as possible.

Do you work in a place where your suit needs to be perfect everyday? Will you only rise to the top by impressing clients and your superiors by never showing a crease? Is that suit you’ve got constantly going to the dry cleaners? Well it shouldn’t do, and here’s why. Taking clothes to the dry cleaners too often is not good for your clothes. The talented tailors of Saville Row, or George at Asda, use cloth that is delicate and having it dry cleaned is anything but delicate.

Dry cleaners do two things!

1 – Clean your suit / clothes using [pix_tooltip width=”” position=”top” tooltip=”They use a lot of a chemical called tetrachloroethylene, and it isn’t too good for your expensive clothes!”]harsh chemicals[/pix_tooltip].

2 – Steam your clothes to remove creases.

The truth is, you don’t need to ‘clean’ your suits too often. They just need refreshing! If you get egg, pizza and beer on your suit, you might want to think about cleaning it (and maybe your general behaviour). However getting your suit looking great after you’ve worn it a few times is very simple with a garment steamer. Those creases on the arms and backs of suits and the ones around the knees and crotch are simple to take out using a Fridja. In addition, suits that have been in the cupboard (that black tie one you dread wearing) spruce up perfectly using a garment steamer. You also never get that horrible shine that you might get over time using a dry cleaners too often! Check out these two videos that show you how easy it is to get your suit looking perfect using either of our garment steamers!

YouTube video

YouTube video

Other things you end up taking to dry cleaners which can cost an arm and a leg are delicate delicate dresses, like silk or wedding dresses! If you have a whole wedding to decrease, this can be a huge cost. Check out how beautiful this wedding dress came out using a Fridja Steamer!


Getting your suits and dresses is easy, fast and relatively fun (i promise) with a Fridja steamer. Stop spending all your precious pounds and time at the dry cleaners and get it sorted at home, easy!