Vodafone London Fashion Weekend

After almost a month, we are ready to talk about the hardest, most exciting, moving, epic and easily the most magnificent time I’ve had when running this company, this post is our account of Fridja’s official sponsorship of Vodafone’s London Fashion Weekend!

Vodafone’s London Fashion Weekend is held at Somerset House. It’s a huge building that has bits that used to be the Inland Revenue, King’s College and all sorts of royalty have lived there. It got a bit battered during the second World War but they managed to restore it beautifully. Don’t be intimidated by my historic knowledge, I just skim read the Wikipedia page.

As you can see it was beautiful weather, which made the mountain of work a whole lot easier. Fridja’s role was pretty intense during the weekend, so let’s start from the top.

Over two hundred designers/retailers took part at the event, selling their clothes, accessories and all sorts of things at great prices. Fridja steamers were there helping out with the preparations. We lent out our steamers to so many brilliant hard working guys and girls to get their stock looking the best they could. Here is a tiny selection of photos from just a few of the people who used our products.

Steamers were born for preparing catwalk shows. The Fridja steamer was evolved and born from this purpose. Steamers are the fastest, most convenient and down right sexiest way to get any item of clothing looking its best. So it was a given that Fridja was responsible for providing the best garment care backstage for the catwalk show held at London Fashion Weekend.

The show was styled by the uber cute Miss Molly Rowe. She took a selection of some of the best pieces shown at London Fashion Week and created a jaw dropping experience for the 20,000 fashionistas that flocked to Somerset House. The show was compared by the beautiful Grace Woodward. She’s really come into her own when presenting and provided a great selection of gags for all the viewers. It’s hard to imagine anyone better than an X-Factor stylist and Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model judge to give a real insight into the goings on at a catwalk show. Here are some of the shots from backstage and frontstage. Thank you so much to the Fridja steamer girls for making everything go so smoothly, all three of you are absolute stars!

Whilst all this steaming was going on, we had ourselves the task of building an exhibition stand in the foyer of the Embankment entrance of Somerset House. We had the first stand you would see from this entrance, so we knew we had to make a stall that had an incredible impact. I’m pretty proud. Thank you so much to everyone that helped out, you know who you are…

We met some amazing people whilst on the stand. From frantic shoppers to genuine styling stars. We educated the peeps how to steam their favourite garments. One of my favourite tricks was showing how easy decreasing a brand new crumpled up jacket into a perfect garment in seconds, gotta love wow factor.

Here are our highlights. A couple of our new customers had done some amazing styling jobs styling the likes of Kylie Minogue to front cover shots of just about every incredible mag going. Thank you to all those who bought a steamer and to those who came and chatted to me, Peggy and Elle over the course of the weekend. An extra special thank you to the British Fashion Council for giving us the chance to shine, we hope we did you proud.


The whole weekend was a bit of a fairy tale, and I’m pretty sure everyone had fun. This was our first ever London Fashion Weekend and we’ll never forget it.


Ben Fridja.