f1000 Clothes Steamer – Refurbished Grade A

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Our iconic f1000 is a vertical clothes steamer with a 1500W heater, producing thick steam from cold water in 45 seconds. The 2.2 litre water tank lasts for around 65 minutes. The f1000 is ideal for delicate clothing and dry clean only clothes.

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Fridja f1000 Clothes Steamer

Vertical Clothes Steaming Perfection


First released in 2010 and consistently updated, the f1000 vertical clothes steamer is the standard in clothes steamers. Heating cold water into thick steam in just 35 seconds, lasting for over one hour from a single tank and safe for nearly all materials, the f1000 is the ideal tool to remove creases and quickly refresh fabrics.

  • Heats Up From Cold In 35 Seconds
  • Water Tank 2.2 Litres Lasting 65 Minutes
  • Fast Alternative To Ironing
  • Perfect For Delicate Clothing
  • Ideal For Dry Cleaning and Costume
  • Safe For Suits and Dry Clean Only
  • Six Pop Colours
  • Soft Furnishings, Bedding, Curtains
  • One Control – On/Off
  • Steam Flow 30g/minute
  • 65 Minutes Continuous Steam
  • Lightweight and Easy To Move/Transport
  • Fast Alternative To Ironing
  • 1500 Watt – Perfect For Fabric
  • Gross Weight 5.4kg
Clothes Steamer

Meet Our f1000 Clothes Steamer

Some Of The Wonderful Features, Wrapped Up In A Video

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New Features and Updates

Five Massive Improvements – Watch The Video To See!

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Accessories Included With Every Steamer

Inside Every Box, Spares Available If They Get Lost

Crease Attachment

Use the clasp attachment to create perfect creases on a pair of trousers. Simply attach the clasp to your steamer head and glide up each leg. You’ll never make a double crease again!

The clasp attachment can be used wherever you need a neat crease for a crisp, pressed finish. Try using on the vents of blazers, slits of skirts and on the arms of shirts! This is an attachment you’ll want to keep handy.

Hand Ironing Mat

When steaming heavier materials, you might sometimes need a little extra support behind the area being steamed. This is when the hand ironing mat comes out! Steaming curtains and tough materials like denim becomes a doddle, and you protect your hands too!

Did we mention you won’t need 5 minutes to set this one up like a standard ironing board? Maybe we should…

Folding Hanger

Fast Folding Hanger

Every steamer comes with its own folding clothes hanger. Pop it up quickly for a fuss-free way to hold your clothes whilst you steam them. There are pegs too so you can hang up trousers and skirts, or even handkerchieves!

Should you have a bunch of stuff to steam, there is a little hook to either side of the folding hanger so that you can use your own hanger! Sorting out your latest batch of laundry or that new season stock in your shop will never be so easy! You’ll love your garment steamer.

Upholstery Brush

Upholstery Brush

The upholstery brush is your key when steaming your furniture and curtains. Its bristles relax and rejuvenate fabric fibres, allowing the steam to penetrate deeper, freshening and sanitising your home.

The upholstery brush is also a fantastic way to remove hair, fluff and lint from furniture and clothing. If you have a light stain on clothes or material, this attachment can really help out. When using the brush it can work the stain out.

The Future of Ironing

Your friend who owns a steamer isn’t wrong

Clothes steamers have been used for years in the fashion industry, in theatres, on film locations and just about anywhere where creases aren’t wanted. Typically these steamers would take up to half an hour to heat up, were very heavy and, essentially, ugly as sin. Fridja professional clothes steamers are the ideal evolution. Fast to start, cute looking and easily transportable, Fridja steamers bring garment care into the 21st century. So isn’t it time you find out for yourself why smart people are ditching their irons and turning to Fridja?

The Fridja f1000 clothes steamer is the perfect solution to transform tired looking creased garments and fabrics into presentable pieces. Traditional ironing is time consuming and laborious, particularly in a commercial or retail setting. With the Fridja f1000 clothes steamer you can avoid taking garments from their hanger by ironing them directly whilst still hung up. The Fridja f1000 garment steamer allows you to simply get professional results with the minimum of fuss, a powerful addition to your household or business.

Clothes Steamer

The Fridja f1000 has a number of features that make it stand out. The Fridja steamer for clothes produces continuous steam for 65 minutes. The simple and easy action operation allows you to turn the steamer on and in just 35 seconds the steamer is ready to use. A folding hanger is also supplied with the steamer that allows you to hang the garment easily for speedy crease and crinkle removal. The Fridja professional clothes steamer is safe and ideal as a dress steamer, perfect for expensive garments like wedding dresses, delicate fabrics like silk (it’s a silk steamer), satin, mesh, chiffon and clothes with decorative details like beads and sequins whilst reducing the need for dry cleaning (suit steamer). The Fridja f1000 can also keep your clothes clean and hygienic, particularly handy for bedding, baby’s clothes and toys. The telescopic pole can be adjusted from 800mm to 1320mm, making it easy for anyone to use and suiting different environments.

The Fridja f1000 professional garment steamer also includes a host of accessories including a trouser clamp, mini ironing mat, upholstery brush and a hand mat. The fantastic Fridja f1000 steamer for garments can benefit both domestic and commercial environments. Our steamers are used at events like fashion weeks (fashion steamer), shops, boutiques, dressing rooms and utility rooms around the world!

Fridja clothes steamers can be found in high street retail clothes shops, boutiques, bridal wear shops and dry cleaners; used by stylists, designers, studios, and design workspaces as well as households across the UK and Europe.

Clothes Steamer

How To Assemble A f1000 Steamer

Assembling Your Steamer Takes Seconds. Transport From Place To Place And Store With Ease

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Additional Information

Box Dimensions39 x 34.5 x 33 cm

Power 1500 w
Water Capacity 2.2 Litres
Dimensions 25 x 31 x 162 cm
Weight 4.7 kg
Box Weight 6.4 kg
Colour Black, White, Navy, Pink
Materials Stainless Steel,Plastic
Accessories Clasp Attachment, Hand Ironing Mat, Upholstery Brush, Descaling Crystals