f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer

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As seen on This Morning.

A powerful and revolutionary high-pressure clothes steamer utilising 5 Bars of pressure. The f1500 uses steam burst technology. A press of the button on the handle triggers a thick and powerful jet of high-pressure steam, ideal for removing creases and refreshing all materials. The f1500 comes with a flexible ironing board and a 3.8 L water tank lasting for over 2 hours.

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ITV – This Morning

Did you See Us?

YouTube video

We were so honoured today when This Morning showcased our f1500 steamer to the nation. We were the last steamer to be shown and we think it went down pretty well!

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were both super complimentary about them.

Fridja f1500 This Morning
Fridja f1500 This Morning

The Most Powerful Clothes Steamer In The World

5 bars of pressure, 2200W of power, a new type of clothes steamer

YouTube video

Fridja f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer

Our Powerful Clothes Steamer


The f1500 uses 5 bars of pressure and 2200W, it’s the most powerful clothes steamer on the planet. Taking only 75 seconds to get ready, this high pressure steamer will melt through your laundry in minutes. Turn it on, wait for 75 seconds, and you will see the most unbelievable amount of steam. Everything has been improved in our f1500 high pressure clothes steamer!

  • 5 Bar High Pressure Clothes Steamer
  • 3.8 Litre High Volume Water Tank
  • Steam Burst Technology
  • Flexible Ironing Board
  • Combining Best Of Ironing and Steaming
  • Suitable For Difficult Cotton and Linen
  • Great For Delicate Materials and Suits
  • Powerful and Anti Bacterial
  • Amazing For Steaming Shirts
  • Full Accessory Kit
High Pressure Clothes Steamer

High Pressure Clothes Steamers

Combining the best of the ironing and steaming world together


The f1500 high pressure clothes steamer brings a hot iron, plus an incredible steam burst. The f1500 uses 5 bars of pressure and 2200W, it’s the most powerful clothes steamer on the planet. Taking only 75 seconds to get ready, this high pressure steamer will melt through your laundry in minutes. We can steam any shirt in under one minute! Every f1500 clothes steamer comes with a collar and a cuff attachment (shown in the video), so there’s no need to get out the iron and ironing board.

The clothes steamer is also ideal for suits and dry clean only (coming with a delicate fabric guard attachment). Cut down on your dry cleaning and steam your work clothes at home. The f1500 clothes steamer is also ideal for upholstery. Curtains, sofas, and armchairs can all be refreshed at the touch of a button. The steamer comes with an upholstery brush for refreshing fabrics instantly, releasing mild odours and light stains.

Fridja f1500 Clothes Steamer

Steam Burst Technology

You are going to love this


The f1500’s steam burst technology is really something to marvel at. We use two separate steaming chambers, one in the tank and one in the handle. This burst of steam is unlike anything seen on the market. This is the power you’ve been waiting for.

High Pressure Clothes Steamer

Get Your Shirt Together

In one minute (Once you practice)


Yes, one minute. We know that’s a bold claim, but there are a few things that back up our claim. Firstly, your shirt is hung up, so you can see where the creases are. Secondly, we give you a collar attachment, a cuff attachment, a heat protecting glove and a fabric ironing board. Watch our video again and see how easy it is to steam a shirt, then get excited, because your ironing days might just be behind you.

Freshen Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

Hot steam makes everything great


Other than clothes, our f1500 is great around the house. Freshen up fabrics, curtains, bedding and upholstery with ease. The thick steam and hot iron will melt away creases, mild odour and light stains.

Meet the f1500 High Pressure Clothes Steamer



Breeze through thick cotton shirts. Steam suit jackets and trousers. Steam school uniform. Steam upholstery and curtains. Steam any fabric of any thickness or any material. This is the ultimate in high pressure clothes steamers.



Accessories Included With Every f1500 Steamer

Inside every box, spares available if they get lost.


Folding hanger with pegs

Each f1500 high pressure clothes steamer comes with a strong and sturdy clothes hanger with grippy pegs. The stainless steel pole and hanger are extremely heavyweight and will be able to hold heavy jackets. The pegs too are strong, able to hold heavy trousers.

f1500 Delicate Material Guard

Delicate fabric guard

Use the delicate fabric guard as a protective layer between the hot ironing plate and your delicate garments. This makes delicate materials easy to steam. You can steam up close without worrying you’re going to burn the material. This makes our f1500 perfect for wedding dresses, suits and more.

f1500 Bristle Brush Attachment

Upholstery brush

The fabric brush can be very useful for certain types of material, including upholstery. The tough bristles can penetrate the material, and allow the hot steam to penetrate deep within. The brush can be used to push unwanted lint or pet hairs. Did you see how useful it was when steaming our velvet armchair?

Collar Press

Use the collar press to achieve perfect collars. Simple place under the collar and press the steamer down for a perfect finish. Collars are really easy to steam when you have a collar attachment! Remind me again, who needs an ironing board?

Cuff press attachment

The cuff press ensures your cuffs are perfectly pressed everytime! All types of cuffs are compatible, be they large double cuffs or standard shirt cuffs. It’s the details that really matter, and you will have them covered! Perfect cuffs every time.

Heat protecting glove

A heatproof glove in included with every f1500. The steam is huge, so you might want to use this! We’ve designed a thin, yet heatproof mitt. This gives you dexterity when steaming. Our glove is a cut above the competition.

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Additional Information

Power 2200 w
Pressure 5 Bar
Dimensions 32 × 44 × 185 cm
Box Dimensions 44.5 x 46 x 33.5 cm
Weight 7.5 kg
Box Weight 9.85 kg
Colour Black, White
Materials Stainless Steel, Plastic
Accessories Collar Support, Cuff Support, Heatproof Glove, Delicate Fabric Guard, Bristle Brush, Descaling Crystals