f1900 Whole Fruit Juicer – Refurbished Grade B

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Updated in 2020, our whole fruit juicer uses the latest in juicing technology to cold press your fruits and vegetables. Using a tilted wide mouth, there is little to no waste. A large 78mm feeding chute means you spend less time chopping and preparing. Our latest iteration includes an additional sieve to remove any pulp from the juice. Bits in or out, you decide.

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Fridja f1900 Whole Fruit Juicer

Everything You Need To Know About Sergio In A Wonderful Video

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The Most Advanced Whole Fruit Juicer Available

A Slow Juicer Using The Latest Technology


Fridja are so proud to release our best whole fruit juicer yet, we’ve built and perfected our new f1900. Using strong and durable materials, the f1900, codenamed Sergio, is the ultimate juicer in both good looks and functions. Sergio is easy to clean, encased in matte black stainless steel. We’ve designed a huge three-inch feeding chute and angled it for faster, more efficient and clever juicing. Above all, it keeps you healthy.

  • 3 Inch Feeding Chute
  • Slow Masticating Auger (55rpm)
  • Juice, Sorbets, Fruit Ice Cream, Vegan Nut Milks
  • Easy-Clean Stainless Steel
  • Suitable For Almost All Fruits, Nuts And Veg
  • Quiet Operation And Minimal Dry Waste
  • 100% BPA Free and Safe
  • Triple Stage Extraction (Latest Technology)
  • Anti-clog Reverse Function, Anti-Drip Tap
  • Pulp Jug, Juice Jug, Pulp Sieve, Cleaning Brush Included
  • Super Tough 240 Watt Motor
  • Handy Carry Handle
Whole Fruit Juicer

Tilting Three Inch Feeding Tube

No Mess. No Waste. No Way.

Yes way. Feeding in whole fruits like apples, carrots and lemons is now easy than ever! Therefore fruits and vegetables never get wasted. Just cold pressed juice wonderfulness.

Not only does your juicer produce juice, the f1900 whole fruit juicer also produces sorbets, fruit ice cream, nut butters and nut milks instantly. Feed in nuts to produce nut butters with no additives or preservatives. Soak nuts overnight and feed in to make nut milks. Fresh, tasty and a fraction of the shop price. Use your f1900 for so many things, every single day. Yay.

Whole Fruit Juicer

Whole Fruit Juicer Sieve

Bits In Or Out – You Decide

In our latest version, we’ve included a sieve. That means you can decide if you’d like the bits in or out! Simply place on top of the juice jug and it will catch all the pulp in a juice as it is being made! In conclusion, this juicer is amazing.

Sleek, compact upright design is finished with robust stainless steel, an amazing cold pressed whole fruit juicer! Designed for ease of use, the Fridja f1900 whole fruit juicer has only a few simple parts to disassemble and wash. Solid wastes are compacted and drier than the sloppy pulp left by centrifugal juicers. It even comes supplied with a small brush to help speed things up. To conclude, this is a juicer you’ll love.

Whole Fruit Juicer

Fridja f1900 Whole Fruit Juicer

Slow Juicer Wide Mouth Stainless Steel 2020 Juicer Magic

Fridja is super proud to present f1900 whole fruit juicer! Using a wide mouth feeding chute means no cutting up fruits and vegetables! Our feeding chute tilts meaning no waste and dry pulp. In gorgeous jet black stainless steel, our tilted wide mouth juicer extracts your fruits and vegetables with ease! The dual-stage filtration system cold press whole fruit juicer leaves a fine juice with all the goodness your body craves! Check out these juice recipes.

BPA free, stainless steel and no need to cut up fruits and vegetables. In contrast, conventional centrifugal juicers use high-speed shredders or spinning blades to tear up fruit and vegetables, as a result, this creates heat and friction that destroy nutrients. Deactivate enzymes and kill flavour, as well as being noisy! Rest assured, the Fridja cold pressed whole fruit juicer f1900 uses cold-pressed technology, delivering the best from your fruits and vegetables.

Whole Fruit Juicer

Sergio Fridja f1900 whole fruit juicer uses a dual stage augur, which chews and presses the produce. Firstly, this creates comparatively little heat and friction. Secondly, this cold pressing reacts less with oxygen, therefore your fruits and vegetables do not mix with the oxygen therefore retaining more nutrients, vitamins, fresh colour and natural flavour. Thirdly, this reduces the amount of froth and doesn’t darken juices. To conclude, cold press juicers are more beneficial and technologically advanced. Looking for the best whole fruit juicer? You’ve found it. The f1900 whole fruit juicer produces smooth tasting juice that can last up to 48 hours in the fridge.

Juice. Sorbets. Fruit Ice Cream.

Pulp In Or Pulp Out, Your Choice. Partytime.


Sergio can turn your fruits and vegetables into either cold press juice, sorbets or fruit ice creams. Sometimes you want juice, sometimes you want the whole fruit including all the pulp, and we all love healthy ice cream.

Fruit ice cream is an amazing concept, in other words, a cold treat you can eat that’s actually really good for you! Make it on the spot or make in batches and keep in the freezer. We’ve made a video showing you how to make coffee ice cream, matcha (green tea) ice cream and strawberry ice cream! In conclusion, what #fridjaicecream are you going to make?

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Anti Drip Tap

Two Functions, Happy Days


The anti drip tap has two functions. Firstly it minimises mess in the kitchen. Secondly, if you decide to combine flavours of two more fruits or vegetables, this ensures that they mix in the bowl to create your delicious cocktail before it ends up in your jug or glass. As a result, it’s the best way to enjoy juice!

Benefits of Masticating Juicers

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Additional Information

Box Dimensions 36 × 33 × 42 cm
Power 240 w
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 45 cm
Weight 4.7 kg
Box Weight 7.75 kg
Colour Black
Materials Stainless Steel, BPA Free Plastic
Accessories Jugs, Sieve, Juice Filter, Ice Cream Filter