Style Bubble Review

So the wonderful Suzie Lau, AKA Style Bubble has written a fantastic piece on our steamers on arguably the biggest fashion blog on the planet, Style Bubble. Result! Here it is for you to enjoy.


Fridja Steamer

I never thought I’d be reviewing household appliances here but here we go.  I wanted to go all infomercial on you but for the life of me, I cannot inject enough of those perky tones into my voice.  Deadpan infomercials are not going to convince you to make those three payments towards £99.99.  This isn’t a steamer that does a million different things that I would demo poorly on my infomercial (chops vegetables, cleans your windows, gives your dog a bath etc…) but it does do one thing well which is get wrinkles out… which is err…what a steamer’s supposed to do.  I’m actually without an ironing board and we do any ironing on our sofa with a towel so this has actually saved us from finally trekking to Argos for an eyesore of an ironing board and fits neatly by the doorway next to the Stolmen wardrobe mirror.  It doesn’t eat up water and require changing all the time or get that limescaley thing where the steam coming out will actually wrecks your clothes.  It also heats up really quickly unlike the old hoary industrial ones that I use sometimes on shoots.  As a final shallow plus point, it also come in different colours if you want to be all cutesey about it.  Obviously, this being my first steamer, I don’t really have any others in mind to properly compare but all I know is the silky Emma Cook blouse is looking a lot neater these days.





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