The Clothes Show 2012

After the after parties of Berlin Fashion Week, we’ve had to do what all companies have to do, hard bloody work! Selling lots and lots of steamers.

So, September brought us London Fashion Week and London Fashion Weekend. We supplied tonnes of venues steamers and generally ran around like headless chickens. Then came glorious London Fashion Weekend, which was amazing.

Then came the Ideal Home Show Christmas and the Gadget Show (and the end of my social life).

Then came THE CLOTHES SHOW 2012!

Situated in the sexy Birmingham NEC, the Clothes Show is in its 24th year! It’s come a long way since Jeff Banks and The Pet Shop Boys. Check this video out, amazing.

YouTube video

Let’s flash forward now to 2012. Think less Jeff and more Henry Holland, Amy Childs and Peter Andre. Oh, and about a million 14 year old girls.

We were there to help out decrease the creases, and that we did. There were two shows on rotation. The first was the Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model stage.

Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model winners

Presenter Charlie Speed – A suitable name when one drugs reference just won’t do

As well as models, there were performances from X Factor boyband Times Red and the up and coming popstar Danny Shah! I have to give it to Danny, he energetically performed three songs every two hours. I even had a chat with him in the toilets (not as dodgy as that sounds) and he was a nice guy. Check his website out here, he said if you follow him on twitter, he’ll follow you back!

Danny Shah

The second show was a much bigger event, which was like a broadway production.

The Clothes Show created a feature called ‘A day in the life of a fashion magazine’. Grace Woodward and Henry Holland presented the show which documented daily occurrences like ‘model casting’ and ‘fashion week’. It was entertaining! The girls sat to either side of seemed to like the numerous men that walked around in just their pants, as I’m sure Henry did too (his words, not mine). I took some photos, the fourteen year olds thought I was a bit odd. Here they are:

Other than the two shows of course, there was plenty of shopping to be done! This year the kids seem to be going mental over stars like Amy Childs and Peter Andre’s clothing lines. The kids came out in their thousands…

Weirdly enough the book stand was empty.

Our stand of course was busy and our latest salesman Tom talked to all the mums of The Clothes Show! Sad that when we took this photo, we’d obviously forgotten to press ‘repeat’ on the DVD player. Oh well, free product placement for Bush.

These guys also hung around the stand and even bought one for their suits! They gave me their card and let me know they could protect me. I felt a bit like a mafia housewife. That’s officially weird.

My only other highlight from the event (I totally missed JLS) was this picture I saw when walking around, probably worth a blog post on it’s own. Enjoy!

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