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Meet Julia Rebaudo, aka the digital magazine that is Stylonylon, a lifestyle blogger, instagramer, twitter and all-round internet sweetheart. Other than having awesome taste in both hair and clothes, she’s also a fan of our Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer!

Julia not only writes about fashion but interviews and takes her photography seriously. She shoots with an Olympus Pen and even has get-togethers for anyone with an Olympus Pen camera to help improve! Check out some of her camera tips here through her Insta Stories.

Julia said some really kind words about our steamer:

Having used a hoover-sized steamer on a shoot, I got it! Effective, so much faster and easier than an iron. So obviously I splashed out on a £15.99 travel steamer that… was pretty useless and sputtered water on the clothes. So back to ironing on the floor.

That is, until last week. When I received a proper handheld steamer – by Fridja, a brand that’s been making quite a buzz; it was nice to see on my IGTV video that quite a few of you already owned one!

And, as luck would have it perfect timing, as I had some decreasing to do… Two old Ganni dresses I’m selling over on Depop – and rather than a total ironing fiasco on the floor, it was seamless, quick and actually quite a calming, therapeutic process!

We’re super happy you like your steamer Julia! Be sure to check out her blog, insta, and twitter.

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