Top 5 Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer

Top 5 Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer

Our Best Tips On How To Use A Steamer

Steaming takes a little bit of practice, but tips sure are helpful! Over the years we’ve learnt a lot but conveniently we’ve crammed pretty much all our knowledge into one short video. Please enjoy these steaming tips! Go directly to the YouTube video here.

Position Your Body Correctly

Tip Number One

Stand in the right position, pay attention to the hose and don’t tangle it. Hold the steamer with one hand, hold the material with the other (try the hand mat?)

Top Five Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer

Perfect Your Technique

Tip Number Two

Just like driving a car or making a sandwich, steaming takes a certain amount of skill which comes with practice. Our natural inclination is to use the steamer like an iron with a flat plate against the clothes. This doesn’t work. There’s no room for the steam to come out. doing this will result in a clammy mess. Instead, lean the steamer head forwards and only stroke with the top curve. With your other hand, hold the material taut. Stroke the material up and down to pop out the creases.

Extend The Pole And Don’t Strain Your Back

Tip Number Three

It’s advisable to make your steamer as tall as possible. Always be mindful that there’s hot steam coming from the base to the top of the steamer, so make sure that it’s as straight as possible. To extend a pole on a Fridja steamer, make sure you twist the pole anti-clockwise, whilst holding the segment below. If your Fridja steamer has clamps, this is even easier.

People often forget when steaming that fabrics are really light. Instead of crouching down or even worse, bending over, you can always lift fabrics. If something is REALLY big, you can do it in two halves or if you’ve got a mate, just get them to stand on a chair whilst you steam the bottom of a long dress. We do this a lot at events.

Take Your Time And Go Slowly

Tip Number Four

If you’ve never used a clothes steamer, it does take a certain ‘knack’. Waving around a steamer quickly can often not get the creases out and might even lead to burning yourself. Although a clothes steamer can sometimes look like a magic wand, getting it to perform like a magic wand takes practice. Start on thinner and more delicate materials and work your way up to more complicated clothes.

Use All The Accessories In The Box

Tip Number Five

If your steamer came with lots of accessories, use them! A hand mat can be excellent for general steaming and replacing a hard surface provided by the ironing board. Fabric brushes can remove dust, lint and fluff which refreshing fabrics. The clasp attachment is excellent for putting hard creases in trousers, pleats and the arms of a shirt.

Our hanger can be really handy too. Unlock it like this. Put clothes on the hanger like this, or use the pegs. Make sure that when you’re steaming shirts, hang them up facing away from you and do the button up over the pole. If you’re in a shop environment and are only removing packet creases, it might be easier to use the hooks on the side with your own hanger, however using the onboard hanger will be more steady. Our f1400 model has an adjustable hanger too, so if you want to hang larger wool coats you can extend or retract for smaller kids clothes.

We hope this article Top 5 Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer has helped! We’ve love to hear from you too about using a clothes steamer! I know that some of you have worked in retail or have a clothes steamer at home, please let us know your comments below. Head to the Fridja shop to see our range of clothes steamers.

Top Five Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer

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4 replies on “Top 5 Tips On How To Use A Clothes Steamer

  • James

    Wow, great tips – thanks for sharing! This will be really useful for those who just newly purchased a brand new steamer. It is always easy to say that it doesn’t work as much as ironing does but sometimes, it is just that people use steamers incorrectly!

  • Claire

    Thanks for your help! I have a handheld steamer, but I am very grateful for your instructions on how exactly to steam a shirt.

  • Diana Mazza

    i recently bought the f1400
    i don’t understand the “trouser bar”, it is very low and I haven’t found it in the help videos
    thank you

    • Team Fridja

      Hi Diana,

      Thank you for your comment!

      The trouser bar is used to hold material taut. It can be adjusted to your prefered height. There are 4 clips included with the f1400. Use two of them at the bottom on the trouser bar.

      We hope that helps! For more information please contact us at

      Team Fridja


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