Tower Bridge Fashion Show

Well, it’s not everyday you get an email asking to supply steamers for a fashion show set on Tower Bridge. In fact, nobody has ever received that email other than us in history as it’s never happened, until now.


At 8pm on the 19th October 2011, England’s iconic Tower Bridge Fashion Show was born. The 61 meter long walkway, 44 metres above the River Thames, showed 15 exclusive collections of top designers from five different continents. How about that!

The gig was put on by a Birmingham graduate called Jessica Minh Anh, a young entrepreneur that set her sights of putting Birmingham’s fashion on the map. You can spot her in the photo above if you look closely.

Fridja steamers were of course there to help the show go as smoothly as possible… (it’s my blog and i’ll pun if I want to). Here are some exclusive pics from the event!



As if that wasn’t exciting enough, ITN News thought they’d get in on the action too, you can even see our humble steamers at exactly 1:44!. Here is their report on it. Well done Jessica!

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