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It’s January. Need we say more? New year, new you? New yawn? Never mind, let’s declutter! At least the legendary Wardrobe Icons are here to help!

January – time to rethink, refresh and kick-start the year. With that in mind, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to organise your wardrobe like a pro.

We feel that ‘organisation’ is our middle name – so much so that we have a section dedicated to it on our home page, featuring everything from the best space-saving hangers to the breathable boxes you need to store your seasonal clothes. Read on for our top organisational tips.

– Petro

Wardrobe Icons


 1 – Use a Folding Board

Your new healthy addiction


Wardrobe Icons


You may think you don’t need a folding board in your life, but we guarantee it will instantly change the look of your wardrobe, and it makes folding a lot easier!


2 – Take Pictures of Shoes/Trainers

No more chaos?


Wardrobe Icons


This is actually genius (editors note).

For the super-organised among you we suggest taking a picture of your precious shoes, storing them in boxes in your wardrobe and then sticking the photos to the front of the boxes. It saves heaps of time when you are looking for a specific pair in a rush. It also makes putting them away more methodical as you don’t waste energy looking for the empty box. You can also do this for coats and dresses that aren’t on display.


3 – Use Fancy Trouser Hangers

Try these?


Wardrobe Icons


For our tailored trousers we love men’s open hangers: they don’t damage fabric and are so easy to access. We would advise against clip-on or press-down ones, as they can leave marks (especially on leather and silk). Plus, these ones have a short ‘neck’ that takes up little space lengthwise, thus making the most of your trouser slot. Every centimetre counts!


4 – Be Careful with Bags/Handbags.

Keep in dust bags if possible!


Wardrobe Icons


We’ve learnt that a big no-go when it comes to stains on leather bags is at-home remedies like baby wipes, as they have damaging and oil-stripping chemicals. Consider sending bags to be professionally cleaned and always store them in their original dust bags where possible.


5 – Use Drawer Separators and Lavender Pouches

Adult heaven


Wardrobe Icons


The smalls drawer is usually where people’s organisation falls apart, but actually it’s the easiest place to keep tidy. Find drawer separators or shallow boxes anywhere from Ikea to Muji, and divide your bras, pants, socks and tights. It makes it easier to find the right thing when you need it. If  your drawer is wide enough, consider separating colours too. We like to add natural lavender pouches to ours as they are a great moth-deterrent and smell amazing too.


6 – Have Some Favourites On Display

Open up shop, avoid insane rate costs


Wardrobe Icons


Part of having a well-curated wardrobe is putting some of it on display. It gives us great joy to see pieces we might not necessarily reach for every day but that we enjoy looking at none the less.


7 – Use Stacker Trays

Be more Japanese!


Wardrobe Icons


We’re a huge fan of Stackers trays, as it’s so easy to forget which jewellery you have and seeing them all in one go means you will make the most of wearing different pieces. The trays come in varying sizes and have different compartments so everything has its place. They also stack on top of one another so you can fit quite a lot in a small space.


8 – Organise Tights By Thickness!

Unless you don’t wear tights


Wardrobe Icons

This tip came from Racil Chalhoub and we thought it was pure genius. She organises her tights by thickness, so when she’s looking for a specific pair she at least knows which side to start from. She also keeps the original packaging so they stay as separated as possible.


9 – Steam, Steam, Steam!

Heated water equals Zen bliss. We promise.


Wardrobe Icons


I keep all my jumpers neatly folded on shelves at eye level as it makes for the most convenient dressing. We’ve learnt never to hang or tumble-dry our cashmere pieces. When it comes to hand-washing, we advise turning your cashmere inside out, using tepid water (never hot) and swishing your piece gently with your hands and a good cashmere wash. Lay your knit flat to dry and steam it to remove wrinkles.


We have found the Rolls-Royce of travel steamers at Fridja – it heats up super-quickly and never leaks.


Thanks very much (editors note, again, probably the last one).


10 – Make Space For Beach Bags

Beach bags are not just for summer.


Wardrobe Icons


Beach baskets are often neglected and end up being used as storage for the best part of the year, but carving a space for them in your wardrobe is key, especially as raffia is quite delicate. Being bulky items, you can always store them nested inside one another, which will also help in keeping their shape.



An amazing lists for a new year, read the full article here – Wardrobe Icons Guide To Wardrobe Detox.

Let’s sort out the cupboard in 2018! Feel free to add any tips of your own in the comments section!

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