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We’re big fans of Who What Wear here in the office! From shopping picks to outfit choices, we check in daily to see the latest and greatest in celebrity style and fashion trends!

What What Wear Best Wardrobe Gadgets Fridja f10

When we found out they’d featured the Fridja f10 handheld clothes steamer in the Who What Wear best wardrobe gadgets, we were over the moon!

Show me someone who doesn’t like to make their life easier, and you’ll be showing me a liar. There are shortcuts some of us purposefully seek out for a breezier time (read: more minutes in bed), and those are the ones you particularly need at this time of year when the schedule is chaotic, the weather is cruel and not looking after yourself becomes commonplace.

It’s in these moments that you a) deserve to know how to have a capsule wardrobe and use it to get ready in a few short moments and b) that you need to lean on a few clever items that do a lot of the prep work, the legwork and the faffing around for you. A worker is nothing without their tools, and no matter how organised or efficient you may be, it’s always worth investing in the gadgets that are top of the range and are going to help—not hinder—your busy calendar.

So keep reading to see and shop the best wardrobe gadgets—from the awesome steamer fashion girls swear by to the ingenious item that keeps your sweaters looking brand-new.

What What Wear Best Wardrobe Gadgets Fridja f10

This is the high-tech steamer fashion editors swear by-not only is it super effective, quiet and economical, but it also comes with chic extras like a velvet pouch, collar stand and a fabric casing to soften the impact of steam on delicate fabrics. We’re hooked, and we already can’t remember what an iron looks like.

Check out their full list here – These 13 Wardrobe Gadgets Are Actually Life-Altering.

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